Local snitch list 2019

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If you have a Lifetime Membership please disregard this notice because your membership never expiresLooking for a confidential informant list on Yahoo? Everybody knows the cops only post their confidential informant lists on Google answers. I guess that crystal meth is filling your head with lots of good ideas. And did you know that typing the word methamphetamine into your computer lite lights in the wrong places you are proably being watched even as we speak.

Goes both ways. No, I was asking about the list to see if any of my friends or family may or may not be on, and if their now watching they are waiting their precious time and tax dollars when they should be tracking down thief s, murders, rapist s, robbers and bad cops. Go Catch the thief s and don t let them buy their way out at somebody else s expense so that they can continue to be free to steal again and again.

Law enforcement should find a better way than to allow thievery to prevail over the law. Answer Save. Willie Spoo. Erika Lv 4. Confidential Informant List. Vida Lv 4. How do you think about the answers? You can sign in to vote the answer. Sharee 5 years ago Report. Free snitch list in ark.

This Site Might Help You. RE: Need to find free snitch list or confidential informant list for Nebraska? Show more answers 2. Still have questions? Get your answers by asking now.He has a Twitter account BrandonDarby and has mentioned he'd love to go to Oakland next, and is actively fundraising to make the trip. Labels: Snitches. Hat Tip Earth First! He had been providing information to the government since at least His efforts resulted in the arrest of two activists during the Republican National Convention who were allegedly planning to attack police cars in response to preemptive repression against the protesters in Minneapolis.

If you can imagine an industrial evil, it will have a representative there. Friday, September 9, Earth First! Journal Publishes Giant List of Informants. Many of the following listed by EF! Many are cooperating informants we have not previously listed.

Informant Tracking

Much kudos towards EF! Sadly, the names on this list are people who can never be trusted again to work in activist circles or resistance movements. The page is currently very centered on North American informants.

We appreciate any assistance in broadening this to cover a more international scope. This is by no means a complete list.

Please get in touch with possible updates or corrections.

local snitch list 2019

We only post information on this page that can be verified to the greatest extent possible through public documents—in most cases, their plea agreements. We have aimed to present short summaries of the individuals below, so that they would be consolidated in a single location.

There is very likely more information, including photos, to be found for each individual through online search engines and resources designed to gather personal information on people some of which cost money. We hope that this page will serve as a useful starting point for those seeking to take their research further.

Cooperated with government by testifying against Peter Young. Both were charged with cutting fences and liberating mink from a series of fur farms in October Samuel was an electrical engineering student at the University of Washington in Seattle before dropping out in He was released onand has gone into the computer security field, working for Firefox as of Place of birth: California.

Hair: brown. Eyes: hazel. Race: white. His school department profile: www.

local snitch list 2019

This was a departure from earlier testimonies, when both Cesario and Rosenbloom did not name Arrow as the instigator, but Jake Sherman. All three named Arrow in exchange for sentences of 41 months.

local snitch list 2019

She was released on Click on the name to be taken to the page s where the individual is discussed. Fain gained the trust of the members of an Arizona cell of Earth First! The cell decided an acetylene torch was more appropriate, but the FBI forgot to change the case codeword.

The FBI claims that Salem wasn't an active informant in the seven months before the first bomb went off, but agents admitted that they had been following one of the conspirators Mahmud Abouhalima just six weeks prior to the explosion. Their investigation was supposedly called off in mid-Januarydespite warnings that members of the mosque were trying to obtain explosives.

This seems unlikely. He was born on November 18, It was Arkin's unit which used the firehouse across from the Lorrraine Motel to surveil Dr. King and his entourage. Her phone number was He was a member of the team known as 'Sierra 2'. He was a member of the team known as 'Sierra 3'. He was also placed in charge of finding Bari's new "hideout" after she lowered her profile following threats against and attempts on her life. He had attended the bomb school with Oakland PD officers one month before the March explosion.

He and Williams were supposedly looking for an indian named James Theodore Eagle. He was survived by his wife and two children, who lived in Colorado Springs at the time.

Connelley was an FBI agent in the 's. Maybe they still are. John Conway became the case agent after Hemje in late He took part in the search of Darryl Cherney 's residence and was accused by Bari and Cherney's attorneys of initiating the search for Judi Bari 's new home after the explosion.

Shortly after the new address was obtained, death threats were delivered to Bari's new landlord. Ronald Davenport was the Washington, D. He was well liked by Daniel Flanagan. Frank Doyle, Jr.Before you say, "what's is wrong with snitching? They have abused the system we're all supposed to be so proud of, and have managed to use the system to protect themselves, while making millions of dollars.

These men are not patriots, their working with paid drug informants, who hide behind the constitution and the Justice Dept.

local snitch list 2019

This is out of control. Don't scem through this. We can careless about the grammar. People could careless, but they were suppose to serve 5 years in prison. They may have served 2 years. The Justice Dept. Keith is a wannabe rapper, a high school drop out back in the 90's. Keith paid someone to take his GED.

Need to find free snitch list or confidential informant list for Nebraska?

Keith like to hang in Texas. Keith got paid from a bike accident. Keith changed his name to Darail after moving to Columbus, Ohio in the 90's because he know bro's from Cleveland, Ohio ant scared of the name Keith Bomber. Snitch number 2. Shan also lived in East.

Live PD: Snitched on by a Friend (Season 3) - A&E

Shan like to act like a Blood. Shan got dough from insurance from a gay cousin who died of cancer. Shanton is the kind of snitch that will try to make other people responsible everytime he fuck-up.

Shan has been rushed to the hospital several times, for getting his ass kicked. They real gangsters right? How hard is it to hand someone a piece of crack?? Keith and Shan both moved to Columbus, Ohio back in the 90's. They all are living with STD. They like to joke make you laugh. They talk big like they gone handle beef. They don't do nothing. The local police should be pissed off!!!

Their guns are virgins, they shoot in the air. The Feds will have the local police arrest people, their snitches don't like. I shouldn't name colleges, because drug informants meet women at the clubs like every other man. Snitch number 3. Juan aka "Magic Juan" wannabe rapper from Warrensville, Hts. It took Juan 6 years to grad.Life experiences have opened eyes regarding the multi layered unfair, unchecked, pseudo relationships between local and national policing agencies and the people that they arrest.

The twisted, unbalanced, inconsistent, negligent, unfair and yes sometimes illegal relationships between policing agencies and snitches have destroyed and will continue to decimate innocent people and their families. The more facts and truths exposed to the public may be one way to slow this activity down. Most snitches have much to gain. Start with the Enron Corporation scandal based in Houston, Texas. A few executives figured out how to manipulate a stock price and corporate earnings without being identified.

These few top executives cared nothing about the innocent wage earners except to keep buying the stock so these executives could sell theirs. It almost happened, but with protection.

Oh yeah, one of the convicted was looking at 50 plus years and at almost 70 and suspected of screwing many people decided to check out on his own. Potential snitches take a hint. I guess you can miss a dunk once in a while. Oh yeah, as a direct result of Reynolds being sold, over 10, hourly workers people loss their jobs.

One greedy bastard wanting all he could get even after his big, and never admitted fuck up. Each company had hundreds of stores and thousands of employees. Many of these stores were across the street from each other.

Alphabetical Snitch List

Tens of thousands of wage earners lost their jobs. They were the costs. Oh yeah, the chairman at CVS made tens of millions personally as a direct result of these people loosing their jobs. We are not for the top executives at the top companies but the people who seldom were helped, guided, and nurtured by anybody even their parentsas they now live day to day, week to week just to get by.

Thank you, Snitches Exposed. Monthly Archives July By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: Cookie Policy.Individuals who furnish the FBI information available to them through their employment or their position in the community. The FBI Manual of Instruction, circa cites as examples of confidential sources " bankers, telephone company employees, and landlords.

Confidential Source was established as a category in March In these instances, field offices were required to submit detailed background information to HQ regarding the source's date and place of birth, citizenship status. Bureau clearance was not required for CS contacted in connection with criminal matters.

Any source with whom the FBI developed a relationship over time and who was trusted to keep relationship confidential. Usually a Confidential Source rather than a paid informant. Usually business people or others who could be relied upon to provide information. Each field office had a contact program whereby they would establish liaison with local groups and enterprises in their community. These were mostly goodwill efforts but did provide venues for the Bureau to talk about issues that might affect the group or its members, and to solicit their help in the form of confidential sources or panel sources.

Panel sources are defined as individuals who are not involved in an investigated group but who " will attend its public gatherings on behalf of FBI for intelligence purposes or as potential witnesses. In those trials, it was necessary to prove simple facts as to the existence of the Communist Party, the dates and places of public meetings held by the Party, and similar matters.

To avoid surfacing and exposing regular FBI informants within the Party to establish such facts, panel sources were developed. A preliminary inquiry often lasted only months. The control file is for instructions to field offices regarding policies and procedures to follow and for quarterly statistical reports. Agents failed to distinguish between a cooperative individual and an informant.

Callan to D. For example, in one office there were a total of 75 cards in the CNDI file but only 15 were actual informants.

July 10, May 7, Investigative informant payments are C. In most instances, a general investigative informant can furnish information regarding a particular crime but after that he has no further information of value and may not have any for a considerable period of time and, therefore, general investigative informants should continue to be dealt with on a C. Page 2 of same memo reports that:. Three of these are translators, one handling Japanese matters and the other two are used a consultants on German organizations and to analyze German material and propaganda in addition to their translation work.

In determining the amount to be paid to such individuals, their character and background must continually be kept in mind.

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